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  1. 2008.01.09 Sun Java System application Server 설치 중 경로설정에서 멈춤 현상
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Problem: Windows installation hangs after clicking “Next” button on installation directory selection screen

There are several potential causes for this problem with corresponding workarounds:

Available port verification which occurs at this stage of installation is taking long time due to system firewall settings and in worst case scenario installer cannot find any available ports which could be used by application server instance.

Solution 1: Prior to starting J2EE SDK installation, make sure that your firewall allows use of following default ports and that those ports are not already being used by any application: 8080, 4848, 8181 (1043 for releases prior to those containing Application Server 8.1), 7676, 3700, 8686, 3820 (1060 for releases prior to 8.1) and 3920 (1061 for releases prior to 8.1).

Solution 2: Temporarily disable firewall, restart J2EE SDK installation. Once installation completes restart and reconfigure firewall to enable those port numbers which are assigned to server instance. To identify those port number you can check the content of install_dir/domains/domain1/config/domain.xml file.

Component registry file access deadlock. This problem will occur if previous installation or uninstallation of J2EE 1.4 SDK (or Sun Java System Application Server or some other product which bundles it) did not complete normally and left behind lock files used to control access to component registry file.

Solution: To verify that this is the culprit, you should check contents of %WinDir%\system32 folder for any files whose name starts with “productregistry”. Under normal circumstances there should be exactly one file called “productregistry” or none at all if this is the first time J2EE 1.4 SDK or any related product is being installed on this system. If you find any other such files they are access lock files and should be deleted. After that you can restart the installation. Note that in some situations you might run into additional problem with existing installation being reported in selected directory. Solution for that problem is described separately in the next section of this document.

In some instances this hang will be caused by background installer thread crashing in AWT package which is most likely due to particular graphics driver incompatibility issues. Corresponding stack trace will usually not be visible since error output of installer process is being redirected.

Solution: This problem will be solved if installer is run in command line mode. To do that, you should open Windows command prompt, go to the folder containing J2EE SDK distribution file and run following command:

distribution_name -console

This will open new command prompt window and installation will proceed using series of command line prompts instead. Follow provided instructions and prompts in order to accept default values or enter necessary information.


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